After one year spent as "moudir al maali", time has come for me to end my mission and fly back to France.

A short message, just to tell you that I spent a really nice time, working & living with you. Tringle team is really a bindy(zi) one and will definitely be a wonderful souvenir. I wish i can come back one day to drink, at least, some other teas or eat another fouls with you!

Thanks Thierry for your very fair analysis of the "arabo-musulman" world (da chenou ?), thanks Anne for being "degoutée" and laughing about 145 times a day, soon back with doudou-loulou & galinette, Thanks Yaya for your nice stories from Ivory coast and the hard job u are undertaking, thanks Lucawet for bearing a different crazy nickname every day while accepting the position of Log-HR-Admin-Coordo-Cook Geneina , thanks celina for being that strangely-temperated, sure it will be very helpful to make bindizi a better place (for u and for me...), thanks Marie for having shared the same squared meters of the office with me, Thanks Atif for definitely having the most gentleman attitude on the mission while crazy discussions in the same time, Thanks Claire for being HoM sweet HoM, Thanks Tibo for your high energy at every level (BS), Thanks Chekou for being the hugest "Parigoo de bleroooo", in a nutshell : "Chekou va te Checou!!!!!" Thanks Benj for your nice way to dance with Italians, Thanks Ola for the very nice time spent all year long working together! thanks Magbool, Osman, Abdelraman, Daoud, Djaleed, Hassan, Salman, Nadjwa, Eli, Hiba, Mohammed for your very good job and the daily homelike atmosphere spent with all of you, Thanks also to Omer, both Abdelrahmans, Salah & Shams on your base, managing Finance & HR issues really well. Thanks Ali for being laughing in UMD from 7 in the morning, Thanks Osam for working that hard, notably distributing for CAR refugees during weekends, Thanks for every nice expatriates who already left the mission; hopefully, we'll meet together in the future.

Thanks to everybody finally, Don’t forget that you are sometime “mauvaaaaaiiis”, it happens, But that’s why I really hope to see you later and wish u all the best and even more!

Massalama iarhes +++!